A Joint Venture for a Brighter Future

Commencing January 2024, our Destination Services will be transitioning to Movenet, solidifying the integration of both Human Entrance and Movenet within the same group of companies, Move Invest AB.

Human Entrance remains committed to being a top provider of Business Immigration Services in the Nordics. Evolving exclusively into Business Immigration Services, led by Emma Sörensson, we will deepen our competence in Immigration Consulting and Advisory to meet evolving business immigration needs. As the Global Mobility landscape shifts, we see the necessity to strengthen our efforts to even better meet your demands.

For 25 years, Human Entrance has stood as a beacon of expertise, leading the way in Business Immigration solutions in the Nordics. Our journey has been defined by dedication to our clients, a profound understanding of their needs, and the navigation of the complex immigration landscape. We recognize the challenges faced by companies striving for growth, especially in hiring talent from outside the EU. Herein lies our strength and commitment – to be the driving force that dismantles obstacles and opens doors to a world of possibilities.

More than just a company, we see ourselves as the gateway to opportunities, facilitators of global growth, and architects of success. With unmatched capabilities and a bold vision, our aim is clear – to continue to be the best provider of Business Immigration Services in the market.

There will be many exciting announcements as we continue to develop our organizations to be the best mobility can offer! Please follow our LinkedIn pages for real time updates: Movenet and Human Entrance.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.

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