Watch “Immigration Talks 03: The New Model in Action”

In case you missed last week’s webinar, “Immigration Talks: The New Model in Action,” you can watch it here on demand. We also took all your questions and answered them in the text below.

1. For researchers, previously there was a stated waiting time of 60 days, now 90 days? doesn’t rhyme well with the ambition of highly qualified work force…

Applications for residence permits for guest researchers (a.k.a. researcher permits) still need to be settled within 60 days, according to the Alien’s Ordinance. The actual processing times have been subject though to some delays recently which is why we see waiting times of approx. 90 days. Researcher permits are not expressively included in the task of reducing waiting times for highly-qualified work force since it is not technically a work permit as such.


2. For getting PR, How many years employee need to complete in Sweden?

In general, four years (48 months) of permits issued for work (standard work permits, ICT permits, EU Blue card permits, researcher permits, residence permits for doctoral studies) during the last 7-year period of which with a major part of the permit periods – 44 months at least – the employee has actually worked within the scope of one’s permits.


3. If you submit an extension application 4 months before the expiration date, would it still be considered complete if those last payslips are missing?



4. Language requirement or society tests for PR’s and Citizenship, would that come in effect?

This has not been decided yet, it is currently being investigated. If the government proceeds with making a proposition based on the investigation and the proposition is later approved by the Swedish parliament, it is primarily planned to come into effect 1 January 2025. Source: Krav på kunskaper i svenska och samhällskunskap för svenskt medborgarskap –


5. If the expiry date of WP is Dec end, then based on new rules – is it possible to apply for extension by Say Sep beginning i.e., 4 months

Yes. An extension application can be submitted up to 4 months before expiry date of the permit that is going to be extended.


6. What is the timeline for getting the PR, is there any change?

If Category A, 30 days apply for first-time applications as well as extension applications even if these include PR claims. No changes.


7. Will researchers still apply (for researcher permit) on their own, where as a work permit must be initiated by the employer?

Yes. For both cases, a representative can still complete these stages for the researcher or an employer on their behalf if the actual applicant has signed a power of attorney specifying that the representative is allowed to do this.


8. Is the TPD the flyktingsdirektivet?

Yes. TPD stands for Temporary Protection Directive, which in Swedish is called massflyktsdirektivet.


9. The passport verification – will that impacts 30 days in Cat A?


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