Working with Swedes – free webinar September 14

Learn about Working with Swedes

Have you ever wondered why Swedes have so many meetings? How do they make decisions? What is the Swedish management style?

Knowing some of the hidden characteristics of Swedish business culture is vital for success when working with Swedes. Cultural shock and difficulties understanding each other can lead to problems at work. Misunderstandings may result in conflicts, poor employee satisfaction, weak engagement, delayed projects, lack of innovation, and in turn – impact bottom line results. New cultural insights support employees in social situations, positively impacting retention rates.

Human Entrance’s intercultural training portfolio offers Working with Swedes, an interactive web-based training focused on the typical business life in Sweden. In the context of history, politics, traditions and societal structure, Swedish peculiarities are explained. Similarities and differences between Swedish and other business cultures are explored based on recent cross-cultural research studies.

Working with Swedes Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of Swedish culture in a business context
  • Practical tools to successfully work with Swedes
  • Increased efficiency and return on investment

The training is tailored to employees working with Swedes. The seminar is also beneficial for HR and Swedes wishing to understand more about how they are perceived by other cultures.

You are invited to a complimentary one-hour webinar taster of this popular course on September 14, 9.30 am – 10.30 am CET.

To register, send an email to no later than September 7. Note that availability is limited.

Join us to get a glimpse into Swedish minds!

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